Why the body needs to be "aligned"

Most people have minor structural imbalances ("blocked" joints or vertebrae) that do not cause noticeable problems. I treat these structural imbalances for the following reasons:
  • They are often the underlying cause of muscle pain and joint pain.

  • They make the body susceptible to injuries.

  • They always go hand in hand with energetic imbalances, i.e. disease or a predisposition to disease.

  • Acupuncture is much more effective when structural imbalances are corrected.

Back pain, sciatica and slipped discs

Acute back pain, sciatica, and even slipped discs are often related to blocked vertebrae. Once these are realigned, the pain subsides.

Gentle Structural Realignment

I use a gentle technique developed by German chiropractor Marienhoff (which he developed after he lost a leg in WW 2) to realign the joints of the limbs, the pelvis and the vertebrae. Realignment happens through pressure on certain points while the patient moves the back or the limbs in a predetermined way. "Gentle" means that I do not employ force, long levers, or sudden movements. That means your ligaments won't get strained, your joints won't crack or pop during the treatment, and alignment is never forced upon your body. In this way, even "stubborn" joints can be aligned gently over the course of several treatments.

Together with my German colleague Olaf Breidenbach, I've written a textbook on Dorn therapy and Breuss massage.