"I have seen Rebecca for treatment of various health challenges and maintenance of wellbeing. Rebecca has a calm, professional and pragmatic approach to her work. She has a consultative style that puts one at ease. I appreciate her informative and gentle style."
Charmaine Thomson, Wellington

“I would thoroughly recommend Rebecca – she is an amazing acupuncturist: she has a great ability to really listen to you, and then her treatments and advice just make complete sense – she truly does offer ‘sensible healthcare’! I initially went to acupuncture for secondary infertility, but also for general health and well-being. I was unsure what to expect but interested to find out more, particularly given that her healthcare came highly recommended.
During and after treatments I felt a wonderful sense of calm and like I was really nourishing myself. I love the fact that this is a completely natural approach to healthcare.
As a result of acupuncture I have a much increased sense of whole-body awareness and vitality. I feel generally much more relaxed and confident in myself, and I have gone on to have a wonderfully healthy pregnancy, supported throughout by Rebecca’s amazing acupuncture techniques. Her acupressure recommendations were used by my husband on me during labour resulting in a fantastic labour experience and a completely drug-free delivery: we now have a lovely baby boy!”
Katy Prior, Wellington

"Before I came to see Rebecca, I wasn't sure how it would be different from other acupuncturists or alternative practitioners I'd seen. Being treated by Rebecca I felt safe and in good hands, and looked after both on a professional and a human level. I experienced feeling both physically and emotionally better: The pain in my neck and back were relieved and I felt more grounded and relaxed after each treatment."
Debbie Jeffery, Wellington

"Over a six year period, five members of my immediate family died (including my husband) and I ended up a mental and physical wreck. Amongst other things, I had chronic neck and shoulder pain, lousy digestion, poor sleep and a defeated, depressed mental outlook. I tried grief counselling, massage, physiotherapy, exercise, improved nutrition etc etc - but with only limited success. I then tried mind/body counselling and this helped enormously.
"However, it was only when I added Rebecca's treatment that I improved in leaps and bounds. The changes were remarkable - and in only a couple of months. I am now both mentally and physically stronger. I stand taller! I feel optimistic. And I now feel able to build a new life for myself."
Anne Spicer, Christchurch

“After the suicide of my brother, I experienced panic attacks and feelings of anxiety which were affecting all areas of my life. I felt very fragile and challenged by normal activities - work, exercise, relationships, etc.
I got amazing results from the first treatment: Just speaking to Rebecca and understanding that my experience was not abnormal made me feel much better. After I received treatment, I was much more at ease, and the effect lasted for weeks. I have been seeing Rebecca for ten months now. My treatments have gone from every week to around once a month. I have steadily been feeling stronger and better, and I am now back to doing everything I used to do prior to the bereavement. If feelings of anxiety come up, they are now just slight background noise and not the total focus of my attention.
Previously, I have had acupuncture for sports injuries, but I was not expecting such significant results. I have also been using yoga, qigong, massage and counselling to help get balance back in my life, but I would consider acupuncture the most effective treatment I have undertaken. Rebecca is great, very gentle and accepting and makes me really feel like there is nothing wrong with me. And the needles really don't hurt!”
Julia Barton, 34, Advisor, Wellington