Rebecca Erlewein

I have been deeply involved in acupuncture and Chinese medicine since 1995 and have been practising professionally since 2003.

I specialise in Classical and Japanese acupuncture, because these styles combine gentleness with great efficacy.

My consultation style is respectful, client-centred and solution-focused. I prefer helping you make positive changes to excavating old problems.

Why I'm an acupuncturist

Being an acupuncturist is not just a job for me, it's a vocation and a passion: I love to help people like you (yes, you, who are obviously interested enough to be reading this) regain their health and realise their potential. The theories behind acupuncture are very applicable to ‘real life’ and convey a deep understanding of human nature. A well-placed needle gives the composure, focus and energy that enables you to initiate positive changes while staying true to your own nature.

My philosophy

When I see you as a client, I do pay attention to how you present yourself in illness, but I am actually more interested in your potential for health and growth in every aspect of your life – physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual. The treatments I provide are aimed to help you move gracefully toward this state of perfect health and balance. Read more in treatment philosophy.

Education and professional life

I was licensed as alternative practitioner ("Heilpraktiker") in Germany. The training for that included extensive studies in diagnosis and treatment according to Western (conventional) medicine, for which I am very grateful. I am often in a good position to help a client understand their condition, its causes and the rationale behind the conventional treatment they are receiving, which is especially useful when their doctor has not had the time to do so.

I studied Western (conventional) medicine at the Samuel Hahnemann School in Bochum, Germany, and Classical Acupuncture and Japanese acupuncture at the renowned August Brodde School in Wuppertal, Germany. In 2008, I completed my New Zealand Diploma of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

My continuing studies in Japanese Acupuncture have been with (among others) Stephen Birch (NL) and Junji Mizutani (CAN). I am currently training in Namakoshi Shiatsu with Pamela Meekings-Stewart (NZ).

My studies in Chinese medicine and structural realignment include five years of private instruction with my mentor Martin Rentsch, an acupuncturist, homeopath, and keen observer of human nature.

Other teachers that influenced me strongly are Klaus Stahlberg (Germany) and Josef Viktor Mueller (Switzerland) who both trained with J. R. Worsley (UK), and Lonny Jarett (USA).

Click here for a detailed overview of my education and training

Before making my life-long passion for natural medicine and healing a profession, I worked in the IT industry as a personal assistant, writer and editor.


Together with my colleague Olaf Breidenbach, I wrote a textbook on Gentle Spinal Realignment ("Dorn Therapy"). It’s currently in it’s fourth edition.

Professional Bodies

I am a full member of the New Zealand Institute for Acupuncture.

When I'm not working...

... I enjoy being with my family and our friends, cooking, reading, spinning (as in yarn, not on a stationary bike) and playing the drums.

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