Lehrbuch Dorn Therapie Book Cover

Textbook of Dorn Therapy, 2nd revised edition
(Original title: Lehrbuch Dorn Therapie)
Co-authored with Olaf Breidenbach
Publisher: Sonntag Verlag, Germany


Ewert R, Ivanovas G (2005): Systemic thinking and Chinese medicine – a relational exercise, 3rd Greek Conference of Systemic Therapy, gemeinsam mit: Rebecca Ewert, 3. Πανελλήνιο Συνέδριο στη Συστεμική Θεραπία Heraklio 21-23 Oct, 2005.
Western medical thinking is characterized by a morphological thinking embedded in a clear-cut concept of cause and effect. However, this approach neglects relational and systemic aspects. It was systemic psychotherapy that first introduced such aspects into medical discourse. On the other side, Chinese medicine was always obliged to a more systemic thinking. This paper highlights some of the similarities between systemic psychotherapy and Chinese medicine.


Making the switch: Building a business on a small budget, published in MacGuide Issue 24, November / December 2005

Japanese Acupuncture - where tradition meets modern healthcare, published in Merge Magazine, 2006.


Joan Duveen: Tod und Verlust
Original title: Death and bereavement
published in Naturheilpraxis, No. 4/2005

Boping Wu: Altersschwäche aus Sicht der TCM
Original title: Senility in TCM
published in Naturheilpraxis, No. 4/2005

Joan Duveen: Die Vier Säulen des Schicksals
Original title: The four pillars of destiny
published in Naturheilpraxis, No. 5/2005

Stephanie Bekooy and Dr.Arnaud Versluys: Die Akupunkturbehandlung gemäß dem Sechs-Schichten-Modell des Shanghan Lun
Original title: Acupuncture treatment according to the Six Conformations of the Shanghan Lun
published in Naturheilpraxis, Nos. 5-8/2005