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Co-operating practices:

Wellington, New Zealand:
The Woolshed
Pamela Meeking-Stuart and Verity Jones offer wonderful shiatsu, massage and life coaching in one of the most beautiful places within driving distance of Wellington.

The OM Clinic
Sally Flewelling has the touch! She offers gentle acupuncture, oriental massage, moxa and cupping.

Vanessa Young
Vanessa is a scientist and classically trained homeopath who, among other things, uses muscle testing to detect things that may block health improvement, like food sensitivities or the likes. She’s also a really good listener with a good sense for finding emotional or mental blocks.

Osteopathy on College
I can wholeheartedly recommend all osteopaths working here.

Cologne, Germany:
My co-author Olaf Breidenbach (Cologne, Germany) offers trainings in Gentle Spinal Realignment, AKA Dorn-Therapy. His courses are available in Europe so far, and hopefully we can have him down under soon, too.

Heraklion, Crete (Greece):
MD Georg Ivanovas from Heraklion, Crete, is a great homeopath and systemic psychotherapist. He speaks English, German and Greek, and on his web site you'll find articles about systems theory and practice. If you want to keep your problems, be careful around him: He might make you laugh about them, and suddenly you find them gone.

Useful Acupuncture related sites

Free online ejournal covering different aspects of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Great, in-depth articles!

Another source of fabulous free online articles about acupuncture. Good ideas on practice marketing and practical techniques.

A wildly informative site with lots of useful stuff for any acupuncture practitioner.

Case studies and articles on Chinese Medicine and a blog that "reinterprets biomedical research through the eyes of traditional Chinese medicine".

The German gem of TCM webpages. (in German and English) Make sure you check out the rantings of "Yuan Chu", Gunter Neeb's alter ego and irreverent and taoist self-proclaimed "master".

Gye Bennet's site about 5 elements acupuncture - recommended reading for anyone interested in a good introduction to the five elements of Chinese medicine.

Robert Hayden's website on Japanese acupuncture.

The annual Rothenburg TCM conference (multilingual)
The TCM conference that takes place each spring in Rothenburg ob der Tauber (Germany) is – not only according to me, but also to many of the speakers there – THE best conference to learn about Chinese Medicine, to meet other practitioners and half your acupuncture bookshelf (or rather, the authors of the books on it).

Other interesting health related sites

Bach flower remedies are powerful stuff, even though no scientist can find anything in them but water and brandy.

Alchemy superficially looks like chemistry, and it is one of chemistry's parents for sure, but it's also a way to personal development. It's herbal medicinal offspring, Spagyrics, are a branch of traditional European medicine.

Dr Jay Gordon's "pediatricks"
MD Jay Gordon in my opinion offers good and well-written views on health related things, including vaccinations, child-rearing and nutrition.

Phun sites - v. important!

Laughter is the best medicine (unless you've just had an appendectomy). Here are some prescriptions.

The very secret diaries
... of the main characters of The Lord of the Rings. Quoth the author: These are works of parody, and as such include content which may result in loud laughter, drinks sprayed across keyboards/monitors, et cetera.
Do heed the warning, don't eat or drink while reading this, and never ever read this one at work unless a) you've got an office of your own, or b) your colleagues have you pigeonholed a loonie anyways or c) both.

Three dead trolls in a baggie
"Welcome to the internet helpdesk" is the most entertaining, wacky and hilarious helpdesk joke / skit I've ever ever seen. And I've seen and heard a lot of them. Go search for it on the site yourself and let yourself be entertained by what you find on your way.

Monty Python's completely useless website
You don't know what Monty Pyhton is??? Go there, right now, and don't come back before you do. ;)