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Your first consultation

Please go to new patients (adults) or new patients (kids) for information regarding your first consultation.

What you're getting...

In my clinic I always treat only one client at a time, so you will get my full attention. I normally do not leave clients with needles in them alone. During the course of every session, I repeatedly check your response to the treatment and adapt your treatment accordingly.

Many patients come for five to eight treatments before their health is so good that they don't need to come regularly, and I often hear that their health keeps improving for months after the last treatment. After that, a check in for a 'tune-up' at the change of the seasons is a good strategy to maintain that level of health and wellbeing.

To be able to deliver this quality of treatment, I conduct a very thorough diagnostic process. This way I can tailor your treatment to your constitution and to your current issues, and not just to your symptoms at the time you come to see me. The initial interview lasts two hours.

If your health is overall great and you want to see me only for a relatively minor condition or an acute injury, then the diagnostic interview may not need to be so comprehensive and you may get your first acupuncture treatment in the first two-hour session.

How to get the most out of acupuncture
Acupuncture works best when you're neither too full, too hungry or too tired. For your treatment to be most effective, please try to arrive 5-10 minutes early for your appointment so your pulse can settle down, and avoid being pressed for time afterwards.

Fees for adults

All prices include GST and cover all materials used in the practice.

Initial consultation (2 hours): NZ$160.00

Followup appointment (1 hour): NZ$90.00

1/2 hour appointment: NZ$50.00 (for acute stuff, established clients only)

Payment options

Cash, online banking, EFTPOS

Cancellation policy

I realise that sometimes you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment. Since I reserve your appointment time exclusively for you, I do need 24 hours advance notice.
Late cancellations may and missed appointments will be charged in full to your account – unless your appointment slot can be filled by another patient, e.g. a patient from the waiting list, or a friend or family member of yours who would like to use your time slot.

No ACC subsidies, sorry

I do treat patients with injuries, and I have seen time and again that treating the whole person – including but not limited to their injuries – is the best way to bring about deep and lasting healing. For their contribution to treatment cost, ACC stipulates the treatment must be aimed at the injury only, and and I can give your child much better care when I’m not restricted by that. I can happily refer you to a trusted colleague if you have an ACC claim and need the subsidy.