We are not Meant to be Tied in

by Dennis Kiser


One of the best things that the internet has brought us are the many opportunities of being able to work at home like how the people in https://www.mintdesign.co.nz are doing everyday. The work is so much enjoyable that they feel like they are at home always.


Many new graduates often feel like they have graduated and worked at hard at school only to be imprisoned in the four corners of the cubicle of their working space in the secular world. Life has become meaningless to them as they work nine to five for the rest of the year while only having weekends to breathe. An even duller news comes when fresh graduates knew that taking a full time work would only spare them a two week vacation for the whole year. Nobody even loves Mondays.


For those who have wanderlusts, being tied in a nine to five work is a bad idea for most of them. We do not want to just stay within the four corners of our office but we are meant to travel the world and discover what the earth has for us. So, it is something a blessing to have online jobs to be taken as an opportunity to live our dreams. 


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